All dogs must be spayed or neutered and updated on the following vaccines:
1. Bordetella (kennel cough)
2. DHLPP (distemper)
3. Rabies

To be considered for daycare or boarding, your pup must pass a behavior evaluation or "meet and greet." Evaluations last about 30 minutes and are available on Wednesday or Saturday mornings.

Once your dog passes the behavior evaluation, he/she will be invited back for one free day of daycare (at least 4 hours). That free day must be completed before boarding.

Why come back for a free day of daycare? Our professionals are committed to making sure that we are the right fit for your dog and your dog is a good fit for our pack! The free day of daycare is an opportunity to see your dog interact, play, and socialize with our daycare dogs, making sure he/she feels comfortable in our environment.

What's a typical day like at D'lux?

We are a completely cage-free and kennel-less facility that encourages all day play for your pup! Some dogs have more energy than others, but we generally stick to the following schedule: 7:30-9:00a - Drop Off 7:30-11:00a - Outdoor Play 11:00a-12:00p - Lunches and Nap Time 12:00-3:00p - Indoor Play + Outdoor Play for High-Energy Dogs 3:00-5:00p - Outdoor Play 5:00-6:30p - Pickup Outdoor play is subject to weather conditions. Boarding dogs are fully integrated with our daycare dogs. During nap times, or if they need a break, boarding dogs may be taken to their room for quiet time. .

Will big dogs and little dogs play together?

We separate dogs by size and temperament. After evaluating your pup, we will select a playgroup for them. We have a small and large dog indoor play area and four outdoor play areas to ensure that your dog has the proper space and a playgroup with similar energy levels!

Do you offer tours?

We welcome you to schedule a time to drop by on a Saturday to speak with our team! While we can show you the inside of a luxury boarding suite, we cannot take you back into the area where the dogs play, as it could be a safety issue for both you and the dogs. We have 24/7 live camera access. If you do schedule a time to come by (Saturday only), we can show you all of our indoor and outdoor live-feeds!.

What is social boarding?

Social boarding is a great way to ensure dogs with separation anxiety, or those who do not like confined spaces, are comfortable during their stay. After daycare is done, we clean and sanitize our indoor play areas and turn them into a place for a doggie sleepover! Dogs from different families get to stay together in a closely-monitored and open environment. Music plays in the background as they sleep on raised beds and couches. You'll have 24/7 camera access to check on your dog during their social boarding stay. Not into social boarding? We have 7 luxury pet suites where your dogs can have their own space to sleep overnight. You'll have the same 24/7 camera access to their individual suite.

What sets you apart from other daycares or boarding facilities?

We are all-inclusive, cage-free, and offer 24/7 camera access to your pup, whether he/she is boarding or at daycare! There are no "add ons" and we do not charge for medications, feeding, individual attention, or anything else that should be included in helping your pet live her best life while you're away! Our concept is to take the best of the home environment (couches, TVs, air conditioning, music, personalized attention) and add the fun of socialization, while reinforcing good habits for your dogs (pottying outside, getting appropriate exercise, etc.). We also have a dog bakery on-site, providing your pet with the opportunity to sample all-natural, human grade dog treats. We don't lock pets in cages. If your pup needs quiet time, he/she will be put in a suite to nap, drink water, and lounge before engaging in play again. Most daycare dogs prefer to nap in the large indoor play areas with their friends.

I'm a first time customer. What do I need to know?

Please create a profile and schedule your behavior evaluation ASAP! We do not take last minute reservations for new customers. To be safe, please contact us at least two weeks before boarding.

What goes on in a behavior evaluation?

Your pup will be taken back into our play areas for an evaluation, which occurs in the following stages: 1. Sniff/explore our indoor play area (~5 minutes) 2. Introduction to other dogs, one by one (~10 minutes) 3. Exploration of outdoor play area (5-10 minutes) 4. Time in a boarding suite, to observe for any separation anxiety (~5 minutes) During this time, you're given camera access to all areas that your dog will be exploring. You can monitor his/her behavior while seeing how your pet interacts with our staff and other dogs. Once your pup passes, we can book your free day of daycare.

How do I get started with you?

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